Camp R.O.C.

The 1st Annual Camp R.O.C., sponsored by OMNI Technologies, was a fun and inspiring Christian Performing Arts Summer Camp in Baltimore, Maryland. Campers ages 7 – 17 received professional training in dance, music, drama and creative writing while also enjoying field trips to the swimming pool, skating rink and Hershey Park. Several local Baltimore performing artists and volunteers offered their time and talents to teaching the campers the purpose of their performing arts passion to include various professional techniques.

Camp R.O.C. provides a non-threatening environment for Baltimore City youth to experience a variety of life skills that help them grow into healthy adolescents and adults. Campers develop technical skills in dance, music, drama and creative writing receiving positive feedback about themselves. The camp supports youth developmental needs for physical activity, competence and achievement, creative self-expression, positive social interactions and meaningful participation. These experiences produce positive behaviors than introduce and reinforce their self-esteem, confidence and sense of community.